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WAKASA Lacquerware - Taijyu

WAKASA Lacquerware - Taijyu

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Japanese Traditional Craft

Wakasa Lacquerware Chopsticks - Taijyu

Lacqured coated by skilled artisans, with each surface carefully sanded multiple times to add a unique and distictive texture. Please note that all chopsticks are made from natural wood, which means that the color and grain of the wood will vary depending on which section of the wood is being used- thus not a single chopstick are exactly the same and this gives its uniqueness.

Please note this product does not come in with a box. If you are thinking of purchasing as a gift, please add a gift box (single) to your cart.


Quantity: 1
Size:  23 cm
Material:  Wood
Coating: Pure lacquer
Origin: Wakasa, Fukui (Japan)  

Please hand wash with a neutral detergent and a soft sponge, and refrain from using a dishwasher.

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