About us

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We specialize in Japanese pure lacquered chopsticks (honurushi), carefully handmade, designed, and manufactured in Japan. 

All our products are pure lacquered coated, meaning they are chemical-free and made only from natural ingredients. *
Chopsticks or hashi (箸) is the same pronunciation as bridge - also hashi, in Japanese. Chopsticks are referred to as shiawase no hashiwatashi(幸せの橋渡し) - passing along happiness to others like a bridge that connects two people. This is associated with the meaning of wishing for the happiness of one's partner and marital bliss. In Japan, couples' chopsticks or meoto-bashi (夫婦箸) are popular wedding gifts and anniversary presents. Two chopsticks together make one set of chopsticks, resembling a couple supporting and spending a lifetime together. We at The Chopstick Company also value this culture. We have a variety of couples' chopsticks that can be mixed and matched, and beautifully gift-wrapped in furoshiki. We also have a lineup of childrens' chopsticks which are also chemical-free and coated only with pure lacquer. 

All our products are made and delivered from Japan. We hope you will take time to consider these carefully chosen products at your home!

*Some of our chopsticks handles are polyester urethane coated, but chopstick tips are pure lacquered coated.