What is Meoto bashi (couples chopsticks)?

What is Meoto bashi (couples chopsticks)?

Meoto bashi (夫婦箸)are two sets of chopsticks as one set. Giving them to newlyweds or as a wedding anniversary gift is a fairly common tradition in Japan.  Two chopsticks together make one set of chopsticks, resembling a couple supporting and spending a lifetime together. Meoto bashi also symbolizes and hopes for wealth so that one will not have to worry about food, and wishes for good health and safety in the household. 

Chopsticks are also referred to as shiawase no hashiwatashi(幸せの橋渡し) - passing along happiness to others like a bridge that connects two people. This is also associated with wishing for the happiness of one's partner and marital bliss. 

So what else can be the perfect item for a thoughtful wedding gift to wish your loved ones a happy married life? Chopsticks are also probably the most widely used utensil at a Japanese (or Asian) dining table. They are both practical and special gifts. 

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