Shichigosan- The seven, five, three celebration

Shichigosan- The seven, five, three celebration

In November, there is a celebration called "Shichigosan" (七五三)in Japan, a day to appreciate the healthy growth of children and celebrate their bright future.

Shichigosan literally translates- seven, five, three. This ritual is said to have begun in the Heian period when medical care was less developed and hygiene was not as good as it is today. The mortality rate of children was very high and because of this, children were treated as the children of God until the age of seven, and it was not until they were seven years old, they were admitted as full humans.

As parents, watching our children grow up healthy and safely is our greatest joy, and this was also a common wish for the ancient Japanese.  Families with children aged 3, 5, and 7 visited shrines and prayed to God, and this ritual eventually spread among samurai families and merchants during the Edo period and remains an important ritual to this day.

After visiting the shrines, families will often gather together for a celebration feast.
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